Local Councillor Welcomes £100,000 Big Lottery Grant for Lincoln Area Dial-A-Ride

Cllr. Giles McNeill, who represents West Lindsey District Council on Lincoln Area Dial-a-Ride’s committee, has welcomed the arrival of three brand new mini-buses with a grant of £100,000 from the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund.

The new vehicles were received at the firm’s base in Lincoln with the Worshipful Mayor of Lincoln, Cllr. Keith Weaver, together with the Sheriff, Mr. Roy South, and his consort, Mrs. Sandra South, cutting the symbolic ribbon.

Lincoln Dial-a-ride is a registered charity and provides transport to those who cannot otherwise get around. Users of the service can be of any age (including children) with permanent or temporary mobility issues.

Members pay a £10 registration fee and then a small cost per journey. This offers users of the service a low-cost way to get out and about, which otherwise may not be an option for them.

The Dial-a-Ride service operates within a 6 mile radius of Lincoln, taking those with mobility problems shopping or to appointments they would otherwise struggle to get to. Dial-a-Ride also operate a voluntary car scheme that is available to those who reside outside the six-mile catchment area.

Deputy Manager Penny Hardman said:

“The service we provide keeps  those with mobility issues , mobile and independent. The support that the organisation receives from everyone is amazing and over the past few years some of our  valueed supporters have passed away and we wished to dedicate the buses to their memory, their relatives were invited.”

The buses have been dedicated to the memory of former Volunteers and Staff who gave so much in support of the charity and its beneficiaries.

  • Brian West Chair of Board of Trustees
  • Keith Forman Vice Chair of Board of Trustees
  • John Surtees Vehicle Co-ordinator
  • Derek Johnson Vehicle Co-ordinator
  • Alan Cutmore Shopmobility Assistant and Driver
  • John Elkington Driver

Cllr. Giles McNeill commented:

“The services Lincoln Area Dial-a-Ride provide help people to get out and about when otherwise they would struggle to do so, the volunteer drivers (whether they are driving one of the fourteen adapted mini buses or their own vehicles) provide what many of service users refer to as a “lifeline” for them.”

“It seems right that these mini busses have been dedicated to the memory of some amazing volunteers who gave so generously for the benefit of others.”