Neighbourhood Plan Brings Riseholme Together

Riseholme residents spent two years working together to carefully shape a Neighbourhood Plan they are happy with.

Neal Foster presents the draft neighbourhood plan to Cllr. Steve England

After numerous open events, public meetings and consultations with stakeholders and landowners, Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have a plan suitable for their parish. The group officially handed the plan over to West Lindsey District Council to take it through to the next stage.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document, produced by a community, designed to enable local people to have a greater say in how their community develops in the future. During the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, the steering group undertook a significant level of public consultation.

Parish Councillor. Neil Foster, Chairman of the Parish Council and a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, explained the strategy was to be as ‘inclusive’ as possible, while engaging as many local residents during each stage of the process. This included open events, public meetings and engaging with local stakeholders and landowners. Mr. Foster said:

“Developing this plan is our way to have greater influence in shaping our community in the future. It has brought the community together in responding to planning issues.”

The Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan outlines policies for particular planning issues such as the location and type of future housing, protection of the surrounding environment, landscape character and the historic environment and seeks to enhance connectivity through improved and new public rights of way. Cllr. Steve England, Vice-Chairman of the council’s Prosperous Communities Committee, said:

“Neighbourhood Planning was introduced through the Localism Act in 2012 and is, in essence, part of the Government’s agenda in devolving powers to local people.

“It’s great to see people are using these new powers as there are now over 28 communities preparing Neighbourhood Plans in West Lindsey. The council remains committed in supporting local communities who are preparing plans.”

Mr. Luke Brown, Neighbourhood Planning Officer at the council works closely with communities to help them develop a plan. He said:

“Neighbourhood Planning is the first effective opportunity for local people to directly influence planning policy at a local level. Planning decisions can have significant impacts (both positive and negative) on local communities and this process allows local communities to have a greater say.”

West Lindsey District Council will organise an independent examination to make sure the plan conforms to relevant national and local planning policies and any necessary European Directives.

If successful through its examination, a public referendum will be organised.

Local residents within the Neighbourhood Area have an opportunity to vote whether they believe the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted by West Lindsey District Council and form part of the local planning policy documents for the district.

If you would like to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for your community, please contact