Dealing with Pests Quickly and Effectively

Enjoying a barbecue or a picnic this summer could be a problem if your garden or home is infested with wasps.

According to figures from the British Pest Control Association, problems with wasps increased by around 87 per cent in the UK last year compared to 2013.

Although it’s not known if this will be replicated this year- don’t let the pests ruin your summer as help is available. Elite Pest Management has teamed up with West Lindsey District Council to help you deal with wasps or any pests you might encounter.

The council’s customer services team make sure residents’ queries are forwarded to the company, which respond rapidly and at fair, competitive prices.

Mick Kilburn, director of Elite Pest Management said the company has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. He is also a consultant adviser on pest control for a major UK supermarket. He said:

“We’re here to firstly advise, and then to help. We aim to be an honest and reliable pest controller. If we think we can help residents get rid of pests over the phone then we will always talk you through it. If we think the situation is beyond control, we will arrange a visit.”

Discretion is a key part of his business.

“We have discreetly liveried vehicles, so most people will not know you are experiencing problems at all, for peace of mind we also try and respond within 24 hours.”

West Lindsey business development officer David Jones said:

“We have partnered with Elite Pest Management as we received a large volume of calls through our customer services department. Now, instead of being forwarded to another party, residents are now dealt with directly and with someone we trust to deliver a great service.

“We’d urge anyone with pest problems to get in touch Mick and his team are experts and can deal with just about anything you can think of.”

Factfile: Advice for dealing with wasps

  • Don’t try and deal with a wasp’s nest yourself
  • Close all windows and doors and try to avoid the wasps until a pest controller arrives
  • Avoid coming into contact with the wasps, stings can trigger anaphylactic shock in some, which can result in fatalities
  • Call a pest controller as soon as possible, sooner rather than later
  • Be sure that you are not dealing with bees. Bees are generally harmless and will move on of their own accord. If they do not, call a local bee-keeper (apiarist) who will be able to take them away safely and without harm. Pest controllers advise calling bee-keepers ahead of themselves to best deal with bee colonies.