Motorist Handed £1,455 Bill for Abandoned Vehicle

Conservative-led West Lindsey District Council has successfully won its first prosecution against a motorist who left his vehicle following a road accident. Mr. Daniel Fox, 25, of Westminster Road, Doncaster, abandoned his vehicle after it crashed just off the A57 near Drinsey Nook on 24th February 2014.

Lincoln Magistrates Court heard how Mr. Fox promised to return at a later date to remove the vehicle.  When he returned to the scene some days later, he only retrieved the tax disc from the car and his belongings from the boot.

The hearing took place in Mr. Fox’s absence on 24th November 2014. Magistrates saw photographs and heard how the council made multiple attempts to contact Fox to remove the vehicle. As a result, the council made arrangements to recover and store the car before it was destroyed in May. Mr. Fox was fined £600 and ordered to pay costs of £795.50 plus a victim surcharge of £60. In total the payment stood at £1,455.50.

Conservative Leader of West Lindsey District Council, Cllr. Jeff Summers, welcomed the conviction, and hopes it will serve as a warning to people to dispose of cars appropriately, saying

“This example shows that we will take robust enforcement action against anyone who acts in such an irresponsible manner.”

Ms Gaynor Allen, Community Officer at the council explained it is the first successful prosecution of its kind in West Lindsey.

“I would encourage members of the public to come forward and report any abandoned vehicles to us. Abandoned vehicles have a negative effect on the quality of the local environment. They attract unwelcome attention, vandalism and pose a risk of explosion and in some cases may have been used for crime.”

Things to consider if you think a vehicle has been abandoned include:

  • Whether the car is untaxed.
  • Whether there is a current keeper on DVLA records.
  • If a vehicle has been stationary for a significant amount of time.
  • If a vehicle is significantly damaged, run down, unroadworthy or burned out.
  • If one or more number plates are missing.
  • The vehicle contains waste.

This is not an exhaustive list, if you suspect a vehicle is abandoned, you can call the council’s customer services on 01427 676676.