Lincolnshire County Council Seeks Your Views On 2015/16 Budget

Lincolnshire County Council is seeking the views of local people on it’s 2015/16 budget in light of further reductions in its Government funding and rising demand for services, the county council needs to save an additional £90 million annually by 2019.

Combined with the £150 million of savings made over the last few years, that means the council’s budget (excluding schools) will have been almost halved over the decade. The scale of the challenge means the council must again review its priorities, and it wants to know which services people feel are essential and which, while desirable, could be reduced, delivered in a different way, or even stopped. You can find out more and learn how to share your views by clicking here.

Nettleham District Councillor, Giles McNeill, commented:

“I hope lots of people take this opportunity to engage with the county council and make their views and ideas known, but I hope that the county council will listen to what people say and act upon what is said.”