More Communities Offered Access to Super-fast Broadband

As more of Conservative-led West Lindsey District Council’s services being accessed online, such as paying for services and reporting issues – improving access to the internet is important.

The rural nature of the district means internet provision is sometimes patchy and limits resident’s access. Last year, the council teamed up with Quickline Communications to install wireless internet in thirty community buildings, known as hubs. Following the successful take up of the scheme, a new deal has been signed with the company to extend provision.

Conservative Deputy Leader of the West Lindsey, Cllr. Mrs. Anne Welburn said:

“Accessing services online is becoming more and more part of our everyday expectations. A lot of us already do internet banking and pay our bills online. Now we as a council want to put customers at the heart of our services and give access online for those customers that want to use it. Extending the wi-fi provision will reduce the number of ‘notspots’ and open up online services to more people.”

Mrs. Manjeet Gill, Chief Executive of the Council commented:

“We have been working to improve communications for our residents and I am delighted that the second phase of the scheme can now get underway.

“To compliment this we are also making improvements to our web site, including new electronic forms to make it quicker and easier for residents to access services online.”

Mr. Steve Jagger, Managing Director of Quickline said:

“Village halls provide a community hub of activity for rural communities and it is fantastic the council has invested additional funds to improve communications. I am delighted that we are able to offer wireless broadband which can reach locations that traditional telecoms are unable to reach.”

District Councillor for the Nettleham Ward, Cllr. Giles McNeill welcome the news saying:

“I know that in Nettleham, the Village Hall Committee are eager to access the benefits that this scheme should provide. Giving local residents high speed internet at a key community venue, like the Village Hall, can be an important step to ensure that our community is digitally inclusive.”

Other initiatives are being explored, and local businesses are urged to contact Steve Bolan on 01427 676551 for more information. For further information on Quickline, call 01482 247365 or visit