Conservatives Triumph in By-Election Contest

Local Conservatives have celebrated success in a by-election held on Thursday, 27th February 2014 for a seat on West Lindsey District Council in the Scotter Ward.

Conservative Councillor. Mrs. Pat Mewis, was elected to the district council in the contest, called following the sad and untimely death of Cllr. William Parry, against Liberal Democrat challenger Keith Panter.

Conservative Party Agent, Giles McNeill said:

“This is a great victory for the Conservative Party, following a disappointing result in the previous by-election here at the end of 2013. It is clear to me that whilst the Conservative Party has demostrated that we listen to what local residents are saying and act on that information the Liberal Democrats don’t really care about what local people want.”

The Conservatives were determined not to replicate the mistake of the previous by-election in Scotter in December 2013 and selected a local Scotter resident, who runs a bed & breakfast in the centre of Scotter and has been involved with the local tourism board. The Liberal Democrats failed to learn the clear message of the previous by-elections which was a resounding indication that local people want local candidates for local elections. The by-election was a straight fight between the two, and there was much surprise that the UK Independence Party did not field a candidate, perhaps suggesting that they are on the wane.

The result of the Scotter Ward of West Lindsey District Council contest can be found by clicking here.