Save Nettleham Library Group Holds First Meeting

Over seventy people overflowed from the small function room at the White Hart, High Street in Nettleham yesterday evening at the first meeting of the Save Nettleham Library Group.

Organiser, Emily Evision, opened the meeting to discuss the proposed changes to library services in the county being put forward by Lincolnshire County Council who have to save multi-millions of pounds from its budget. Mrs. Evision said:

“It has been fascinating across party lines, the village has come out incredibly strongly protective of its library as a resource.

“Our fear is that we currently have a library that is open four days a week, and we are being offered a library bus, for four hours, every two weeks.”

District Councillor Giles McNeill, Conservative (Nettleham Ward), briefly addressed the meeting and afterwards said:

“Local people recognise that we are living in difficult financial times for local authorities. I wanted to show my support to keep Nettleham’s library open.

“I think, at this stage, local people are hoping they will be able to convince Lincolnshire County Council not to cut the library service in Nettleham.

“My concern is that the meeting last night did not formally agree to look at other options – such as a community, volunteer-led library – and with a tight window of opportunity to make an expression of interest to the County Council this may prove a disadvantage if we are to keep the library in some form going forward.”

Lincolnshire County Council say that the library service needs to change if it is to remain affordable and better meet local needs. They point to successful community-led ventures in Saxilby and Waddingham as a way of improving service and value for money outcomes.