Edward Leigh MP Knighted

Local Parliamentarian for the Gainsborough Constituency has been named in Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours List as a recipient of a Knighthood.

Sir Edward Leigh MP has received the honour for public and political service. He said:

“Naturally, I am delighted to be honoured in this way by the Queen. It is quite undeserved and I feel it is much more due to the efforts of others, particularly in Lincolnshire, than anything I have achieved, particularly their loyalty over thirty years”

Sir Edward has served the constituency of Gainsborough (formerly linked with Horncastle) for thirty years. He was a widely-respected Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, and – according to the National Audit Office – saved the taxpayer around £4bn during his eight year tenure.  His long career in public service includes work as a local Councillor and as a junior Minister. He remains a passionate speaker on religious issues and on the management of the European Union.