Councillor Initiative Fund Cash Available

West Lindsey’s District Council’s Local Councillor Initiative Fund enables each District Councillor to put forward proposals for expenditure in their Wards to fund projects or initiatives which benefit the local community. All applications submitted are considered and assessed against how they contribute towards the themes, priorities and outcomes of the district council’s Corporate Plan 2011/14.

Cllr. Giles McNeill (left) and Cllr. Malcolm Leaning (Right)
with an ‘Aqua Sac’ near the Chruch Lane bridge, Nettleham.

Nettleham’s district councillors Giles McNeill (Conservative) and Malcolm Leaning (Liberal Democrat), have worked together and secured £500 of funding for Nettleham Parish Council to buy additional hi-tech ‘aqua-sac’ sandbags to be used in any future flooding incidents in the village.
A total of £4,000 over the next two years is available to each district councillor. From April 2013 a new allocation of money will be available to all 37 of the district Councillors.

Cllr. McNeill siad:

“I think this is a really great scheme, even though I was only recently elected, last September, I have put what monies I had available to me to good use; £30 for Neighbourhood Watch signs in Westfield Approach and £500 for Community Get-Togethers in North Greetwell. £500 has gone to Nettleham Cricket Club to help with repairs and improvement of the practice nets at Mulsanne Park in Nettleham. £90 has also gone towards some photographic equipment for children at Nettleham Infant School.

Details of the scheme’s criteria can be downloaded here.