Local Cricket Club Receives £250 CAV Grant

Nettleham Cricket Club have successfully applied for £250 from West Lindsey District Council’s Community Action and Volunteering Fund (CAV), administered by Community Lincs, to purchase equipment to improve the quality of the pitch.

The Club was anxious to maintain the quality of the playing surface at Mulsanne Park, Nettleham and provide the best possible pitch. Current the club uses a scarifier to achieve an even bounce, the current equipment has blades that gently slice the pitch, but they recieved advice that they need blades which would also control and remove thatch.

In all 48 new blades will be fitted during March 2013 in readiness for the new season. The total cost is £285 with the CAV fund providing nearly 88% of the cash with the Club picking up the rest of the bill.

The change is expected to enable players to reacher higher standards in the sport, the improved surface will also lead to more consitent bounce, imporving safety.
Cllr. Giles McNeill, Conservative (Nettleham Ward) said:

“I am thrilled that Nettleham Cricket Club have been awarded this money from the Community Action and Vounteering Fund. As chairman of Nettleham Parish Council’s Mulsanne Park Users Committee I have been urging the local clubs to apply for grants available at West Lindsey.

“I have also signed off an application by the club for support from the Councillors Initiative Fund for £500 to help with improving the practice nets. I am hopeful that they will meet the criteria for an award to be made.”