Forty New Jobs Created in Nettleham

Complaint Handling Services, in Nettleham, wants to take on more claims advisors to more than double its workforce.

Staff at Deepdale Enterprise Park in Nettleham
Picture: Anne Draper

The new recruits will help customers claim money back from banks that have mis-sold payment protection insurance.

All the positions will come with permanent, full-time contracts, although the company could take on some part time staff.

Ms. Aily Slade, Human Resources officer at the firm, said the business had been impressed with the skills of workers in the Lincoln area since the branch opened last June. She said:

“We’re recruiting in Lincoln because we have found the quality of candidates is higher here than in other areas and bigger cities.

“We’ve found people are very friendly here and there’s a good community spirit, and that’s what we’re all about.

“There’s also a better level of qualifications in Lincoln.

“Whether it’s GCSEs or up to degree level, it just seems to be a good area for it.”

Claims advisors can earn between £13,000 and £17,000 a year on a basic salary. However, the firm says there is potential for people to earn up to £2,000 a month extra in bonuses. There are thirty people working at the company in Nettleham, with a similar number working in the original office in Altrincham, in Greater Manchester. Although the Altrincham branch opened in 2010, the firm has chosen to expand in Lincolnshire. Ms Slade added:

“We get a better application rate here in Lincoln too, although Altrincham is in a bigger area.

“There’s also not as much competition in this area from other call centres.”

The firm offers a variety of incentives for good results and last year took a group of the top workers to Las Vegas. Ms. Slade said she was looking for people with some previous experience in a similar job.

“We’re looking for people with sales experience, some personality and who are able to gain a rapport with people – someone with a bit about them.”

Current claims advisor Mr. Dan Pounds, joined the firm last June. He said:

“It ticks the ethical box for me really.

“The money is out there and the banks are holding on to it, so it’s about getting the money to the people that deserve it.

“The company is also good at training people so they can progress through the company.”

To apply, e-mail a Cirriculum Vitae to Ms Slade at