Locals Welcome News of Resurfacing Work for Deepdale Lane

Giles McNeill, the Conservative District Councillor who represents the Nettleham Ward, has joined local residents in welcoming news from Lincolnshire County Council that resurfacing work will begin on Deepdale Lane in early December.

Lincolnshire County Council will be carrying our essential carriageway maintenance works on Deepdale Lane, Nettleham from Wednesday, 7th December 2016. The works are expected to be completed within two days with work being undertaken during the daytime (7:30am – 5:00pm), commencing at the junction with the A46 moving down towards the Scothern Road junction.

Because of the nature of the works the road will be closed to through traffic, with a fully signed diversion route in place. Local access to properties will be maintained although residents might experience slight delays or need to take advantage of the diversion route. Gatemen will be in place at each end of the road closure. Cllr. McNeill commented:

“I am very grateful to our County Councillor Jackie Brockway, who I know has been championing getting the terrible stretch of highway repaired. Keeping Nettleham in the gaze of decision makers is an important role that Jackie does very well. She promised to have Deepdale Lane tackled by Highways by the end of the year and it looks like she will be keeping her promise. It is one of the issue that I often get in my post-bag and I am please that action is being taken.”

Local Councillor Welcomes Government Action On Riseholme Park Plans

Cllr. Giles McNeill,  the Conservative West Lindsey District Councillor for the Nettleham ward, that includes Risehome, has welcome news, announced by local parliamentarian Sir Edward Leigh, that the Government will commence legal action against the University of Lincoln.

The University of Lincoln has plans to demolish part of the Riseholme Park Campus and develop a housing. Sir Edward was speaking at the opening of Phase Two of the Riseholme College Showground Campus, he said:

 “I can also reveal today that the Department for Education, through the Skills Funding Agency, is taking steps to commence legal proceedings against the University of Lincoln over its plans to demolish the Riseholme Park Campus and replace it with a housing development.

“This unprecedented step has been confirmed to me in writing by the Skills Minister Robert Halfon.

“The land and assets at Riseholme Park are protected by a legally binding Asset Deed and the SFA has said it will proceed with legal action to enforce the deed unless the University makes a satisfactory offer to settle the dispute.

“This is a hugely significant development and one which will hopefully protect the campus for future use by generations of Lincolnshire farmers and other workers.”

The Government is clear that the value of the land is protected by an Asset Deed which was effected when the land was originally transferred from the Lincolnshire College of Agriculture and Horticulture in 1994 to De Montfort University, who subsequently transferred to Lincoln University.

The University of Lincoln will be expected to make good its obligation by paying a sum for the value of the assets which they are no longer making available for the original purpose of further education. An asset deed can secure repayment for the value of the assets held or disposed of by the University, it cannot prevent the sale of the land by the university.

Cllr. Giles McNeill commented:

“I have been working hard with my Conservative colleagues, Jackie Brockway our County Councillor and Sir Edward on this issue. Today it is clear that the Government will uphold the Asset Deed on the site which is almost certainly going to force the University of Lincoln to reconsider their unpopular plans.

“I feel that the University of Lincoln continue to act in an imperious and arrogant manner. Their lack of respect for local people, or their elected representatives, endures. Universities should be places of learning, research and knowledge not an exercise in turning a profit. There persistent attitude calls into question their institution’s values.”

Council Adopts Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan

West Lindsey District Council has approved the Riseholme Neighbourhood plan at Full Council on Monday, 14th November, making it the fourth plan to be adopted in the district.

It means the Riseholme community can ensure planning applications are developed in line with what residents want as this is now taking into consideration as part of the planning process.

As previously reported, Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which is made up of residents, spent two years working together to carefully shape the document. They undertook a significant amount of public consultation before officially handing it over to the council in July.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document, produced by a community, designed to enable local people to have a greater say in how their community develops in the future.

The Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan outlines policies for particular planning issues such as the location and type of future housing, protection of the surrounding environment, landscape character and the historic environment and seeks to enhance connectivity through improved and new public rights of way.

Cllr. Giles McNeill, who represents Riseholme and is a member of the Planning Committee, welcomed the news. He said:

“I’m tremendously pleased that colleagues voted unanimously to formally adopt the Riseholme neighbourhood development plan. The fact that these plans are made on a statutory basis, unlike any previous plan at a parish level, gives them the real bite. Lots of people from across the community has worked for over two years to deliver this plan their combined efforts are much appreciated.”

If you would like to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for your community, please contact luke.brown@west-lindsey.gov.uk

Landlord Fined For Renting Unsafe Property

A landlord, in the neighbouring Dunholme & Welton ward, at Newtoft, let a property with ‘extremely dangerous electrics’, no heating system and a leaking roof, a court heard.

West Lindsey District Council has successfully prosecuted Mr. Joe Burgess, of Newark Road, Lincoln, for failing to comply with housing regulations. The court heard the case in the absence of Mr. Burgess at Lincoln Magistrates Court on Wednesday 26th October.

Mr. Burgess made a property he owns in Newtoft available to a tenant, despite it being in a very poor state of repair. The property had extremely dangerous electrics, no heating system, excessive damp, a leaking roof and no fire detection.

West Lindsey District Council served notices on the landlord but after he failed to comply, the council incurred considerable costs making the property safe for occupation. Mr. Burgess was found guilty and fined £440, and ordered to pay £400 legal costs, £376 investigation costs and a victim surcharge of £44.

Cllr. Mrs. Sheila Bibb, Chairman of the council’s Prosperous Communities Committee said:

“This is the second successful prosecution we have undertaken this year and demonstrates the council’s commitment to tackling criminal and rogue landlords.

“We hope this case sends a clear message to landlords that we will use all of the powers available to us if they do not comply with our requests when we serve formal notices. Nobody should have to live in unsafe accommodation in the district.

“In this day and age there is no excuse for landlords who choose to ignore the law and we intend to continue to pursue them wherever their properties may be in our district. I would like to thank officers for their excellent work on this case.”

If any tenants have issues of disrepair within their property that are not being addressed by their landlord they can report these to the council using the online forms at www.west-lindsey.gov.uk.

Council Gets Best Possible Audit Result

West Lindsey District Council has been given a clean bill of health according to the annual audit into its financial accounts.

The audit was undertaken by the council’s independent external auditors KPMG, to assess the council on its financial statements for the 2015/2016 financial year, and they have given the best possible result, an unqualified opinion. The report states:

“In our opinion the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of the authority as at 31 March 2016 and of the authority’s expenditure and income for the year then ended.”

The report concluded that the council achieved ‘unqualified value for money’. This means they are satisfied that the authority has proper arrangements for securing financial resilience and challenging how it secures economy, efficiency and effectiveness. The independent assessment has been welcomed by the chairman of the Governance and Audit Committee, Cllr. Giles McNeill who said:

“I am pleased to see that we have a received independent confirmation that the Council are managing its public finances well, continuing to support our communities.

“The council made £2.6 million available across the district to enable our communities to develop and thrive through 165 individual projects.

“In addition, almost 400 individual grants were awarded, totalling more than three quarters of a million pounds to support community based schemes. This in turn, brought in match funding in excess of eight hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

“Together with local communities and our partners we have been able to achieve a great deal.”

The Council has also worked to encourage volunteering across the district, resulting in almost 49,000 volunteer hours undertaken. This equates to over £500,000 of social value invested across the district.

Other success include:

  • Trinity Arts Centre is receiving less financial support from council funds than it would if it was left This is due to an improved entertainment offer drawing larger audiences.
  • Job Centre Plus and Citizens Advice moved in to the offices at the Guildhall to join existing tenants from Lincolnshire County Council. The creation of the Public Services Hub was designed to provide joined up, complementary services to customers. This method of joined up working has been recognised
  • 11 Public access terminals have also been set up to enable customers to access services and information online.
  • The council has one of the highest collection rates in the country for council tax 98.34% and 99.44% for Business Rates.

Shape Plans to Tackle Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

The Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership wants to hear local residents views on crime and anti-social behaviour, to help shape its action plans for the coming year.

The The Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership is a partnership including Lincolnshire County Council, the district councils, Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, Probation, Addaction, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Police and Crime Commissioner to set priorities and target actions at a local level. Cllr. Giles McNeill said:

“Part of the The Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership’s work is to consult the public on how people feel about crime and anti-social behaviour in our area.

“This year a survey has been developed and rolled out across the county to gather views and opinions – and I would encourage local residents to take part.”

You can complete the survey by visiting the Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership website at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/lincolnshire-community-safety-partnership.

Paper copies of the survey are also available from the West Lindsey District Council office at the Guildhall in Gainsborough.  The survey is open now and closes on Friday, 11th November 2016.

Council Offers Business Free Waste Audit for National Recycling Week

National Recycle Week begins on Monday, 12th September and to celebrate Conservative-led West Lindsey District Council is offering a free waste audit to local businesses.

To help local businesses play their part the Council’s officers are available to visit businesses, assess their needs and offer advice on how they could save money by recycling more of what they throw away.

The Council wants to help businesses save money by allowing them to recycle a wide range of materials, no matter where they are located in the district. They can sort the materials so businesses don’t have to and there is no need for a number of separate bins, so they also save space.

Conservative Councillor Mrs. Sheila Bibb, Chairman of the Council’s Prosperous Communities Committee, said:

“We pledge that our service will always be reliable, cost effective and provide the environmental benefits that customers demand.

“I’m proud to say that we are one of the only commercial waste operators in the area that can enable your business to become virtually zero landfill. All of your recyclable material is sent to specialist treatment facilities and made into new products. All other general and non-recyclable waste is sent to a Lincolnshire Energy from Waste plant (EfW) which powers local homes.

“We’re sure that by joining our recycling service, your business can save money and do its bit for the environment at the same time.”

The materials that can now be recycled through the Council’s commercial mixed recycling service are the same as those in the West Lindsey household collection service and includes:

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel tins (should be rinsed out)
  • Plastic bottles
  • Waxed juice or milk Cartons

West Lindsey’s Commercial Waste and Recycling Service can offer a business a range of collection options to suit their needs. Designed to be a friendly, local service it is reliable, flexible and will provide businesses with great value for money.

It has tailored so that businesses are in control of collections. Collections using bags are also available if space is a problem.

To make an appointment for a free waste audit or find about more about our Commercial Waste and Recycling Service, call 01427 675124 or visit www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/commercialwastesolutions

Neighbourhood Plan Brings Riseholme Together

Riseholme residents spent two years working together to carefully shape a Neighbourhood Plan they are happy with.

Neal Foster presents the draft neighbourhood plan to Cllr. Steve England

After numerous open events, public meetings and consultations with stakeholders and landowners, Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have a plan suitable for their parish. The group officially handed the plan over to West Lindsey District Council to take it through to the next stage.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document, produced by a community, designed to enable local people to have a greater say in how their community develops in the future. During the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, the steering group undertook a significant level of public consultation.

Parish Councillor. Neil Foster, Chairman of the Parish Council and a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, explained the strategy was to be as ‘inclusive’ as possible, while engaging as many local residents during each stage of the process. This included open events, public meetings and engaging with local stakeholders and landowners. Mr. Foster said:

“Developing this plan is our way to have greater influence in shaping our community in the future. It has brought the community together in responding to planning issues.”

The Riseholme Neighbourhood Plan outlines policies for particular planning issues such as the location and type of future housing, protection of the surrounding environment, landscape character and the historic environment and seeks to enhance connectivity through improved and new public rights of way. Cllr. Steve England, Vice-Chairman of the council’s Prosperous Communities Committee, said:

“Neighbourhood Planning was introduced through the Localism Act in 2012 and is, in essence, part of the Government’s agenda in devolving powers to local people.

“It’s great to see people are using these new powers as there are now over 28 communities preparing Neighbourhood Plans in West Lindsey. The council remains committed in supporting local communities who are preparing plans.”

Mr. Luke Brown, Neighbourhood Planning Officer at the council works closely with communities to help them develop a plan. He said:

“Neighbourhood Planning is the first effective opportunity for local people to directly influence planning policy at a local level. Planning decisions can have significant impacts (both positive and negative) on local communities and this process allows local communities to have a greater say.”

West Lindsey District Council will organise an independent examination to make sure the plan conforms to relevant national and local planning policies and any necessary European Directives.

If successful through its examination, a public referendum will be organised.

Local residents within the Neighbourhood Area have an opportunity to vote whether they believe the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted by West Lindsey District Council and form part of the local planning policy documents for the district.

If you would like to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for your community, please contact luke.brown@west-lindsey.gov.uk

Councillor ‘Enormously Proud’ to Attend Royal Garden Party

West Lindsey District Councillor for the Nettleham ward, Cllr. Giles McNeill, has described how proud he was to attend the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, 19th May 2016.

Cllr. Mrs. Brockway and Cllr. McNeill arrive at Buckingham Palace.

Cllr. Mrs. Brockway and Cllr. McNeill arrive at Buckingham Palace.

Cllr. McNeill attended the event with Cllr. Mrs. Jackie Brockway, district councillor for the Saxilby ward and Lincolnshire County Councillor for the Nettleham & Saxilby Division. Also in attendance was newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Marc Jones and his wife, Rachel.

The afternoon began  a little after half past two when guests were allowed into the Palace. Afternoon tea was served from half past three. The Yeomen of the Guard ‘hold ground’ and a two rows emerge across the lawn between the Palace’s West Terrace and the Royal Tea Tent by the lake. At four o’clock, promt, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family emerge from the Palace to the National anthem and then make their way from the Palace to the Royal Tea Tent over the course of an hour with small groups of specially selected individuals being presented, usually from Charities and bodies to which the Royal is a patron.

There are two military bands that play music alternatively throughout the afternoon, including, on this occasion, at one point, the theme tune to Family Guy. Guests are able to walk freely around the garden which includes a lake, the broad stretches of lawn, a 170 metre long herbaceous border, a curved avenue on Indian chestnut (added by the Queen in 1961), the Admiralty Summer House, and a rose garden – at the centre of which is the Waterloo Vase, made from carrara marble, originally made for Nepoleon and given by King Edward VII in 1903. Cllr. McNeill said:

“I have been very pleased to attend the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace today with Jackie. I am enormously proud to have been invited and thrilled to have been here. It is remarkable; you glimpse the Queen, as she walks through the garden, and suddenly you realised you’re here at her invitation and this is her event. It is a tremendous honour.”

The afternoon concludes at six o’clock, with the National Anthem, as guests depart.

Nettleham Will Welcome New Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Nettleham, the home of Lincolnshire Police’s Headquarters, will welcome Marc Jones as Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner when he formally takes up the post on Thursday, 12th May 2016, following his election yesterday.

Marc Jones, who was the Conservative Party’s candidate, triumphed against his UK Independence, Labour and Lincolnshire Independents party rivals. In the four way contest Marc emerged as the front-runner in the first round of voting – as the ballot is conducted using the supplementary voting system, which gives electors two votes, for a first and, if desired, second preference.

Marc Jones (Conservative) took 39,441 (35.22%) in the first stage of voting against Victoria Ayling (UKIP) on 28,583 (25.52%), Lucinda Preston (Labour) on 25,475 (22.75%) and Daniel Simpson (Lincolnshire Independents) on 18,497 (16.52%).  As no candidate had received the necessary fifty percent to be elected the top two candidates, Marc Jones and Victoria Ayling, were carried forward for the run-off using second preferences. After second preference votes from Labour and Lincolnshire Independents parties’ candidates were applied. Marc won convincingly with 56.2% of the vote with a majority of 10,613 (12.41%). Marc said:

“I am very proud, grateful and excited to have been elected. I will work hard for everyone across Lincolnshire and put into action my plan to reduce crime. I think we have run the best campaign we could have done, although a direct mailing from central government would have helped to reach more people. Nevertheless, I am proud of the volunteers who have helped me to deliver 300,000 pieces of literature by hand across the county. My first order of business is to meet with the the senior team and understand how we will be working together to deliver effective policing for Lincolnshire.”

The outgoing Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Alan Hardwick said:

“I want to warmly congratulate Marc. It’s a big job and I wish the new Commissioner the very best for the future. Lincolnshire Police is a force that, nationally and locally, punches well above its weight. I have no doubt that, with a strong and determined PCC to continue the campaign for fairer funding, the County will continue to be a safe place in which to live and work.”

West Lindsey District Councillor for the Nettleham Ward, Cllr. Giles McNeill, said:

“Marc is the sort of first-rate individual we need filling this important role. I have worked with Marc in the past and I know he has the skills and dedication to make a real impact for everyone in Lincolnshire. He has done a tremendous thing, to move the Conservative Party from third place back in 2012 to first place is a real achievement.”

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